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Jennifer Swoboda

Admissions Counselor
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History with Hastings College
I have had the opportunity to work with Hastings College interns at my previous job and was very impressed with the students. They were very focused, drived students with great aspirations and drive. Each of them gave credit to the College, the atmosphere, professors and students.
Why I chose to attend Hastings as a student
I grew up in Wisconsin so didn’t have the good fortune of attending Hastings. I went to a larger university and can really see the benefits of a smaller, liberal arts college.
Hobbies and Interests
I have two kids, Chloe age 15 and Alex age 12. They are very involved in sports, so as a family we spend a great deal of time attending those activities. We also ski, camp and boat. I also love to read.
Favorite thing about Hastings College
The atmosphere. People are so helpful, friendly and social.
Favorite thing to do in Hastings
Attend sporting events
Favorite place to eat in Hastings
Sanchez Plaza Mexican
Hidden talent
I have none, unfortunately!
Best meal I can cook
I love to cook Mexican food.

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