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Bronco Cares

Bronco Cares is a suicide prevention referral program that aims to quickly identify students at risk of suicide and to provide the help they need.

Anyone can refer suicidal students for an assessment by completing the form below.

If this is an immediate emergency, call 9-911 from a campus phone (or 911 from other phones). Then call the Hastings College public safety line at 402.984.8064.

When should you refer a student?
Whenever you believe something just isn't right, including when someone who becomes depressed or who talks ending her/his life, buys over the counter medication for that purpose or obtains a weapon that could be used in that way, you should refer him/her. Self-mutilation or cutting or any other behavior that might result in serious harm, putting pills in the mouth and then immediately spitting them out are other signs that help may be needed

Bronco Cares Report Form

Press 'Submit' below to send your report to Student Affairs.
Please know that every report will be addressed as quickly as possible.

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