Why study Marketing at Hastings College?

Marketing majors at Hastings College work together. In your courses, you’ll work with your friends to complete projects together. As you seek internships, you can reach out to HC alumni in marketing to secure substantive placements where you’ll gain valuable, real-world experience. After you graduate, you’ll help the next generation of HC marketing majors. That’s what we do.

By taking courses across disciplines in addition to your marketing courses, you’ll hone the breadth of knowledge, critical thinking skills and problem solving skills you’ll need to succeed. During your junior and senior years alone, you will be required to complete 30 professional presentations and to fine-tune your discussion skills. You’ll be prepared for opportunities as they arise, not just after you graduate.

Our marketing majors are pursuing careers as entrepreneurs, product managers, business owners, market researches, retailers, sales managers, social media managers, chief executive officers (CEOs), promoters and public relations specialists. Apply now!

Marketing Success

When you sit at a railroad crossing and watch a train go by— its cars loaded with grain or clothing or even automobiles — you likely don’t think about the marketing and logistics it takes to get those commodities to consumers. For Christa Hamilton... more
For three Hastings College graduates, enjoying the Omaha arts scene is all in a day’s work. Amy (Krobot) Rummel ’94, Kori (Else) Radloff ’95 and Jessica (Hardy) Brummer ’04 are all marketing directors working to promote the arts in Nebraska’s... more
As a recent graduate, alumna Maggie Vaughan '16 has already landed herself the director of talent solutions at the Hastings Economic Development Corporation in Hastings, Nebraska. more
With a degree in marketing and health promotions management, Wagner took his skills to Yahoo! in Omaha, where he is the creative strategist. more
Though they each have individual roles, four Heartland Bank employees relate to a special understanding that brings them together -- a Hastings College education. more