Music – Instrumental Faculty

Chair of the Department, Distinguished Professor of Music
Office: Fuhr Hall #60
Phone: 402.461.7361
Associate Professor of Music/Director of Bands, Trumpet, Horn, Conducting, Music Education
Office: Fuhr Hall, F63
Phone: 402.461.7362
Adjunct Instructor of Voice and Strings and Director of Vocal Jazz
Office: Fuhr Hall #60
Assistant Professor of Music, Flute, Music Theory
Office: Fuhr Hall #50
Phone: 402.461.7440
Adjunct Instructor in Music, Guitar, Chamber Ensembles
Emeritus Faculty
Office: Barrett Alumni Center
Phone: 402.461.7389
Professor of Music, Jazz, Low Brass
Office: Fuhr Hall #62
Phone: 402-461-7717
Assistant Professor of Music, Piano, Music Theory
Office: Fuhr Hall #38, #46
Phone: 402.461.7432
Adjunct Instructor in Music, Percussion, Chamber Music
Professor of Music, Woodwinds, Music History
Office: Fuhr Hall #65
Phone: 402.461.7371
Professor of Piano, Piano Pedagogy, Piano Literature
Office: Fuhr Hall #47
Phone: 402.461.7359