Political Science

Political Science at Hastings College in Nebraska
Why study Political Science at Hastings College?

As a Hastings College Political Science major, you’ll gain the tools necessary to understanding and critically analyzing current events and theoretical literature in political science – key components to so many career opportunities. Whether pursuing a career in corporate law or the non-profit sector, government service or private business, higher education or journalism, Political Science at Hastings makes you a strong candidate.

Since we’re living in a global economy – and issues around the globe impact nearly so many businesses and organizations – at Hastings College, you’ll have an option to focus on International Studies, and to join our Model UN Team! What a great opportunity!

Our professors work with you to develop a four-year action plan that helps you articulate your interests and plot your educational trajectory. This and other political science assignments comprise a portfolio to chart your academic growth that leads to a career you’ll love or a graduate school you choose.

You’ll have an opportunity to develop a research project early in your collegiate career and present at conferences such as the Midwest Undergraduate Political Science Research Conference, the Great Plains Political Science Association annual meeting or even the Midwest Political Science Association’s annual meeting.

Internships or study abroad experiences are required for our majors, which pays dividends in terms of experience and networking as you approach graduation. You’ll find Hastings College students interning in variety of areas, including prosecutors’ offices, law firms, political campaigns, in the U.S. Congress, with advocacy and lobbying groups and overseas with non-profit organizations.

Hastings College political science majors earn scholarships to study law at the University of Texas-Austin and Fulbright Fellowships to teach English in Romania.

They pursue master’s, doctorates and law degrees at a number of schools, including:

  • The London School of Economics,
  • The University of Michigan,
  • Johns Hopkins University,
  • George Washington University,
  • University of Nebraska,
  • Creighton University and
  • Queen's University in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

You'll also find our graduates working for the FBI, the National Rifle Association and the State Higher Education Executive Officers, serve in the Peace Corps and tackle key issues for employers in every industry imaginable from teaching to public service.

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