Feeding Eagles and Examining Owls: Clements experiences wildlife rehabilitation in Washington State

Many people spend their Fourth of July holiday shooting fireworks, eating hotdogs and relaxing on the day off work. But according to Hastings College senior Carolyn Clements, she may have had the most patriotic Fourth of July of all. “I spent my Fourth of July hugging a bald eagle. I’d be hard pressed to hear of a more patriotic way to spend the Fourth,” said Clements. And best of all, by hugging that bald eagle Clements was doing her job. Caring for critters A wildlife biology and studio art major, Clements spent her summer working at South Sound Critter Care, a wildlife rehabilitation ...Read more

From Capitol Hill to the Colorado Mountains, Laurel Teal experiences public service and policy

Hastings College senior Laurel Teal was sitting in her Aurora, Colorado office on the phone with a very scared and alone college student stranded in Eastern Europe. The student had flown to Bulgaria for an internship with the U.S. Department of State, but hadn’t waited for his security clearance to go through. “The State Department couldn’t hire him, he couldn’t receive his stipend and he was essentially trapped in Bulgaria,” said Teal. “I could hear him tearing up over the phone, telling me how he goes to a small liberal arts college and isn’t even 21 yet, and how he shouldn’t have to deal ...Read more