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Alumni/Foundation Staff

Executive Vice President for External Relations
Phone: 402.827.5108
Department Assistant
Office: Barrett Alumni Center
Phone: 402.461.7363
President Emeritus
Phone: 402.827.5107
Assistant Director, Alumni Relations & Campus Events
Office: Barrett Alumni Center
Phone: 402.461.7735
Associate Vice President of Advancement – Trusts, Estates and Gift Planning
Phone: 402.461.7473
Associate Vice President for Advancement
Phone: 402.461.7434
Development Associate and Professor of Music/Chair of the Department
Office: Fuhr Hall #60
Phone: 402.461.7389
Director of Operations
Phone: 402.827.5106
Development Assistant
Phone: 402.910.8247 (mobile)
Senior Director of Alumni Relations
Phone: (402) 461-7433
Director of Annual Giving
Phone: 402.461.7488
Associate Vice President of Athletic Development
Phone: 402.960.8011 (mobile)
Records Clerk
Office: Barrett Alumni Center
Phone: 402.461.7363
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